Bateleur®Gold 650 EC

Bateleur® Gold 650 EC is a herbicide for the pre-emergence control of annual grasses, broadleaf weeds and under certain conditions also yellow nutsedge in maize, soyabeans, beans, groundnuts and tobacco.

Dual Magnum® 960 EC

Dual Magnum® 960 EC is a selective pre-emergent herbicide for agricultural use for the control of annual grasses in cotton, field and kidney beans, soyabeans, groundnuts, sunflowers, potatoes, sugarcane, tobacco and maize.

Fusilade®Forte 150 EC

A post emergent selective translo- cated herbicide for the control of most annual and perennial grass weeds as well as the suppression of upright starbur in tobacco, cotton, groundnuts, beans and soyabeans. A sugar cane ripener.

Lumax® 537.5 SE

Lumax® 537.5 SE is a systemic pre or early postemergence herbicide for the selective control of grass weeds and annual broadleaf weeds and the suppression of yellow nutsedge in maize and sugarcane.

Touchdown® 500 SL

A non-selective, post emergence, systemic herbicide for control of both annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in agricultural, horticultural and non-crop outlets.